When I began designing this website for the Tybee Island American Legion in 2015 I began researching various military events that have occurred throughout history. I believe it is important to post historical events on the site bringing to light what has happened before us in time. Perhaps the events may offer life lessons that we may learn for future events in our current world of affairs.

February 2, 1943

The Four Chaplains Day
~ Jacque Dorazio
In February 2016, I had posted on the legion's website a small piece on this tragic story of the four chaplains and the Dorchester troopship. I was reminded of this event again, the loss of an Army troopship, when I had written a fictional piece on the Army troopship Otranto in October 2018. (The Otranto Troopship)
Shortly after completing the Otranto piece I resumed researching about the four chaplains with the intent to post the story once more in February 2019 formally commemorating the Dorchester and the heroics of these men.