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Jerris Bryant, Post 154 Historian, John Calvert, Past SAL Commander, and myself share with you our affinity with bits & bytes of interesting information collected through our love of history- military & historical events that have, and continue, to shape our lives today.
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Jacque Dorazio, ALA member, Post 154 web designer

I walked passed the original beautiful painting many times while residing in Youngstown Ohio. I discovered the painting's interesting history while writing for a monthly entertainment publication in Ohio.  
The poppy became the official flower of the American Legion September 27, 1920 in Cleveland Ohio.... thanks for learning- Jacque Dorazio

After WWI the poppy flourished in Europe. Scientists attributed the growth to soils in France and Belgium with increased lime deposits from rubble left by the war. The red poppy symbolized the blood shed by soldiers who fought and continue to fight for us.

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In 2017 the National American Legion family succeeded in establishing, through Congress,
the Friday before Memorial Day as National Poppy Day.
A slideshow of the 2nd annual Poppy Day event held on Tybee may be viewed on the

Our Legion Family Gathered To Honor The 99th National American Legion Birthday March 10, 2018

Thank You Jerris Bryant For Shooting All Of These Photos Of Post 154 Events!

Read about his day with
Silver Star Captain Max Duncan
in 2016.
SAL Squadron 154, Past Commander, John Calvert writes & shares
great facts about our military history-the people, places, & events.
Visit This Page!  Calvert's History Corner
 John Calvert informs us of the history regarding the HMS Otranto- the tragedy of a troopship
that sank in WWI with the loss of hundreds- including young men from  Chatham and
surrounding Georgia counties. 
    John, along with additional members of  the community and the Legion members 
of Post 154,  raised funds for a memorial marker to be placed at Ft. Screven Museum at
    Battery Garland       Calvert's History Corner
2015 TYBEE

.... VET VIEWS ....

A Series On Life Paths Of VeteranAnd Military History


Contributing Writer John Calvert

Includes a fictional story "If Otranto Could Speak" 
~ Jacque Dorazio

Seventeen Days Later

Jimmy Carter, Marine, Vietnam

Tybee Island Color Guard, PTSD

3-D Diorama Americana Art

February 2, 1943

Four Chaplains Day
Read About Why The Senate In 1998 Established  To Commemorate This Day 

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. . . An Interview and Look Into The WWII Days At The Naval Air Station Corpus Christi  . . . Meet Rosie the Riviters Favorite Metalsmith And Back Up Band Trumpeter For Frank Sinatra !:)

Read About This Path Of Determination By Civilain Mariners To Maintain The Safe Waters That Surround US-